WEST HARTFORD — The University of Saint Joseph will present a performance by Phat A$tronaut opening with a solo set by Chad Browne-Springer and the Hartford Hot Several on Thursday, March 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the Hoffman Auditorium at the University’s West Hartford campus, 1678 Asylum Ave., West Hartford.

The concert is part of the Autorino Center for the Arts CT Local Series featuring artists from Hartford and East Hartford.

Chad Browne-Springer, who will be featured solo and as lead vocalist with Phat A$tronaut, is now touring and growing in popularity throughout the region. Fusing his classical, musical theater, and jazz vocal training with synthesized instrumental sounds, he is pioneering the genre of “E.R.B” (Electronica and R&B). Browne-Springer takes inspiration from sources ranging from school choir lessons to Frank Ocean and John Mayer. He adds a uniquely personal edge to electronica, writing songs based on emotional experiences and proudly naming his equipment. Browne-Springer and guitarist Mark Lyon founded Phat A$tronaut, a CT-based future soul band that has taken the regional scene by storm with its experimental but intricately-produced tracks.

Fitting an entire sonic universe inside of wires and interfaces, Browne-Springer loops, stacks, and manipulates vocal tracks and pitches to construct each of his songs, forming a unique and sought after sound. His a capella vocals and poetic lyrics add layers of unforgettable aural complexity. His expertise as an artist shines through in the creative camerawork and editing techniques of his music videos — mixtures of psychedelia and home movie-style footage. Not afraid to create music rooted in unconventional events, Browne-Springer’s recent track “Couchspedition” was inspired by his two month-long couchsurfing journey across the country. The expedition pushed Browne-Springer to musically honor the friends and hosts that he met along the way.

Opening the night is brass band Hartford Hot Several a ragtag team of funk and jazz musicians that brings the heat with frantic improvisation and quirky instruments.

Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at the Frances Driscoll Box Office, 860-231-5555 or online at www.tickets.usj.edu.

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