A Taste of West Hartford: Cool down summer with a grapefruit cocktail, cold octopus salad

A Paloma Fresca, a cool, light grapefruit cocktail from bartaco in West Hartford.

WEST HARTFORD — This week’s recipes from bartaco and Barcelona Wine Bar are refreshing and cooling for a hot summer day. bartaco’s grapefruit cocktail is a light finish to the day, and Barcelona offers a fresh, cold octopus salad, a perfect complement for any cocktail. bartaco and Barcelona Wine Bar are located at 971 Farmington Ave., in West Hartford.

Paloma Fresca at bartaco


1. In a cocktail shaker, add everything but the Club Soda

*if you are using bittermens hopped grapefruit bitters, 1/3 of a dasher is = 1 dash

2. Prepare a highball glass with a 1/2 rim of salt, thick stripe and 4 ice cubes

3. Add ice to shaker, shake and strain into a highball glass

4. Top with Club Soda

Pulpo al Ajillo at Barcelona Wine Bar

Warm up the olive oil with the garlic in a saute pan over medium heat until lightly toasted and very fragrant. Add the chili flakes and parsley and fry briefly. Season with lightly with salt and add the octopus. Take off the heat and stir to evenly coat the octopus in the garlic & parsley oil. Transfer to a mixing bowl and add the red onions. Chill fully (about 20 — 30 min), season with the lemon juice and more salt if needed, spoon onto a plate and serve.

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