NEW BRITAIN — Edwin O. Lomerson III, known to many people as Ned, may be a name you might not have heard but his art work is impressive. Born and raised in Glastonbury, Ned was educated in art at Glastonbury High School, Manchester Community College, and The School, Of The Museum of Art in Boston. Ned has been drawing, painting, water coloring and sculpting about 50 years and has quite a body of work to show for it. His next show will open at The Art League of New Britain at 30 Cedar Street (in the rear) in New Britain on Sept. 6.

Ned was the top finisher in the 53rd CT Artists Exhibition at Slater Museum in Norwich in 1998. His works have been shown at the Copley Society in Boston, Boston City Hall, New Space Gallery in Manchester Community College and The Art League of New Britain among other places. Owners of his works include Liberty Mutual in Boston, the Marriott in Hartford, Saunders Realty of Boston, many private collections and author Wally Lamb.

Ned says “I want my work to be self-explanatory with a sense of working beyond a subject. I like choosing ordinary everyday subjects, giving the viewer a different angle or perspective in my work. When I see something that I like, maybe a shadow or a certain angle, or it might be an exaggerated perspective on a familiar scene or object, I know there is potential for a painting. I like getting the viewer involved in my paintings or sculptures by bringing out the beauty they might not have noticed before.”

Almost half of Ned’s paintings are large, some two feet by four feet, or larger. He has done about 50 to 60 paintings and 20 sculptures. The Fine Arts Commission of East Hartford had a 2005 contest for a large painting on a billboard on Burnside Avenue in East Hartford to provide drivers and passersby with a little aesthetic enjoyment and to create some interest in art and what they have to offer. The East Hartford Cultural Commission picked Ned as the winner for his “Sunset from Suite 618, South Armory,” a depiction of the Hartford skyline with the Colt dome in the foreground. Ned lived in Suite 618 in the Colt complex South building from1995 to 2005.

Some of his other works include “For A Good Time Call,” an old dial phone on the wall outside an MCC art classroom with assorted graffiti on the walls around it; “Blizzard of ’78,” a depiction of a big snowstorm on Newberry Street in Boston, with the contrast of the snow against the deep color of the brownstone buildings and “Morning Mist in Maine,” a moody ocean scene in Maine. Ned is a lifetime member of the Slater Museum in Norwich, a member of the East Hartford Art League, was a member of the Copley Society of Boston (the oldest art gallery in the U.S.) and has shown his works at many local venues in Connecticut. Ned does use humor in his works sometimes as in one of his sculptures called “Candle-la-bra,” a depiction composed of a decorative candlestick adorned with bras on the top. You can see all the works mentioned here if you come to the show.

Ned can give you a charge with his art and his own business, Positive Battery, at 200 Prospect Street in East Hartford. He has any battery that you might ever use. Maybe the reason Ned has not done more work is that he has operated and owned this business for 36 years.

The show will be at The Art League of New Britain at 30 Cedar Street in New Britain from Sept. 6 to 22; viewing hours will be Wednesday 4 to 7 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays 1 to 4 p.m. The opening night will be Friday, Sept. 6 from 6 to 8 p.m. Free refreshments and drinks will be served. There is a driveway just off Cedar Street down to the Red barn in back. For more information please (860) 229-1484 or visit

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