SIMSBURY — Families searching for at-home activities this summer will love the new “Mysteries by Mail” offered by The Storyteller’s Cottage. Players sign up to receive a series of letters describing an unsolved mystery over the course of five days, then try to solve the case using the clues provided. Letters arrive by email, but look like vintage correspondence from detectives, witnesses and suspects. Some cases include codes to solve, while others hide clues in the body of the letters themselves, according to an email from the Cottage.

The first two cases available are “The Case of the Unfortunate Acrobat” and “Murder at the Ivory Tower.” Each costs $20, and can be reserved at

In the “Case of the Unfortunate Acrobat,” the year is 1885. A raucous crowd was gathered to enjoy a thrilling night at the circus, but suddenly tragedy strikes. Murder has shocked the company, and everyone seems to have something to hide.

In “Murder at the Ivory Tower,” a group of famous authors from past and present meet via time machine at the secret Ivory Tower, as they do annually. This year, eight authors arrive, but only seven live to see the end of the party.

Mysteries by Mail are appropriate for both adults and children, and are written with readers ages 10 and up in mind. New cases are underway and will be added to the roster regularly throughout the summer.

The Storyteller’s Cottage is a “portal to fantastical literary worlds,” where literature comes to life! A wide array of immersive online activities are available on their website at, including downloadable creative writing classes, literary fandom activities, a literary podcast, and more.

The Storyteller’s Cottage is located at 750 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury. For more information visit

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