WEST HARTFORD — The WEHA Artists Emporium is hosting a Finders Keepers Art Hunt. For seven days, from Nov. 29 until Dec. 5, small pieces of art donated by local artists will be hidden around town. Clues about the location of each item will be posted on the Facebook event page, Look On the Bright Side Art Hunt. The event is free to the public and open to everyone according to an email from organizers.

This year’s Finders Keepers is a little different than past hunts. For starters, it’s not a rock hunt.

Stefanie Marco, the group’s founder said, “There were so many kindness rocks popping up around town, we thought we’d do something different.” So the group chose the theme, Look on the Bright Side. The art donated reflects each artists’ interpretation of what it means to choose optimism, and they can create the art in any medium they wish.

The other major difference is that the hunt will be spread out over the course of a week. “We really like the energy of a one-day hunt,” said group co-founder Julie Phillipps. “But we want everyone to be safe, and feel that a spread-out hunt will help keep crowds low.” Marco and Phillipps discussed if it was a good idea to have the hunt at all. In the end, they decided that the art hunt tradition, now in its 7th year, was something people would really appreciate. “2020 has been rough,” said Marco. “We all need a bright side.”

Look for a hand painted wood panel with a ladder to a bright moon, or a brightly colored felt doll. There will be photography bundles, decorated stones, pendants that read “JOY,” stickers, digital prints, specialty sewn face masks, and wooden ornaments among the treasures. All items in the hunt are tagged with the label, Look on the Bright Side.

Contributing artists include: Stefanie Marco, Julie Phillipps, Denise Balcanoff, Alexandra Burness, Sarah Loiselle, Annie Hayami, Eina Rieger, Anna Gawel, Quilibet Jewelry, Amy Sommers Photography, Block 21 Prints, Heart Stone Gallery, ElizaDoLittleToday Photography, Deena Samberg-Shewfsky of DDJ Design, and Bonnie MacKenzie of Seven Hawk Studio.

For more information on the hunt, and sneak peeks at the art that will be hidden, visit the Facebook event page, Look on the Bright Side Art Hunt.

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