WEST HARTFORD — West Hartford resident Lisa Blumberg has written a novel about a family struggling with the conflict between cultural norms and the values they espouse. “Righting the Hourglass” spans from the Second World War into the Obama era and takes place in England, East Africa, and the United States. One of the book’s final settings is Montclair, N.J., a town with a vibe similar to West Hartford.

Blumberg graduated from Wellesley College and Harvard Law School. Her main career has been as an in-house counsel first at Aetna and later at Travelers. She has also written numerous pieces on medical ethics and disability rights topics as well as an article on the historical basis of “Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. A childhood letter that she wrote to Jacqueline Kennedy after President Kennedy’s assassination was included in the bestseller “Letters to Jackie,” edited by Ellen Fitzpatrick. She has lived in West Hartford since 1979.

“Righting the Hourglass” is a story of love, separation, fallibility and unexpected second chances. It is available on Amazon in kindle and paperback formats.

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