WEST HARTFORD — The Democratic party will maintain majority control of the Town Council and Board of Education.

Mayor Shari Cantor, Deputy Mayor Leon Davidoff, incumbents Ben Wenograd, Carol Blanks and Liam Sweeney and newcomer Adrienne Billings-Smith were all elected to the Town Council on Tuesday.

Cantor received the most votes with 9,389, followed by Sweeney with 8,514 and Davidoff with 8,454.

They will be joined on the council by Republicans Mary Fay, Mark Zydanowicz and Alberto Cortes who successfully fended off the A Connecticut Party, a group made up of former Republicans who revived the group to run as the center party.

Republican town chair Shawn Daly said Fay, who received the most votes in the group with 3,606, will be minority leader. Zydanowicz moves from the board of education to the town council, leaving an open seat for one year meaning the party will soon choose a replacement to fulfill that term.

Incumbent candidate Lee Gold, a candidate for the A Connecticut Party, narrowly lost his seat falling 245 votes short of Cortes. Gold left the Republican party this past year to revive the A Connecticut Party.

John Bailey, the Democratic town chair, said their success was based on running a strong “base campaign.”

“One of my statements is to control the controllables,” Bailey said. “Do what you control and stay focused. We sent out 1,500 absentee ballot applications. We got 1,100 applications back. Those are our votes that we put hard work to. Our goal was to do a base election. We hit our goal. We ran a base election and the Democrats came out.”

Cantor acknowledged that with the victory, West Hartford is now entering the third decade of Democratic leadership in town. Cantor herself has been on the town council since 2004 and has been mayor since 2016.

“I am so proud of the work that has come before me and the work that we currently did and the work that we’re going to do in the future,” Cantor said. “What that base election says is that our community and our Democrats know that we’re doing a great job at what we do. They’re happy with the way the town is run. I am so grateful for all of that.”

An emotional Billings-Smith, who will be the newest Democrat member of the town council, said she’s excited to be part of their team.

“Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this,” Billings-Smith said. “You guys have supported me from day one and I appreciate that. I am so ready to get to work with you guys and do what’s best for West Hartford. Thank you for trusting me and believing in me. Thank you for believing in this team. I will do my best always to support you.”

Democrats Debra Polun, Lorna Thomas-Farquharson, Jason Chang and Clare Taylor Neseralla were all elected to the Board of Education. Polun received the most votes with 9,068, following closely by Neseralla with 8,923 votes.

Republican Gayle Harris was also elected to the board of education, edging out A Connecticut Party’s Ross Jacobs by a count of 4,023 votes to 2,723.

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