Homicide cop says delivering a baby was ‘scary’

Bridgeport homicide Detective Jorge Cintron helped deliver a baby for a couple stopped at an intersection on their way to the hospital because the baby didn’t wait.

BRIDGEPORT — City homicide detective Jorge Cintron is used to seeing the worst.

But on Wednesday morning, he got the chance to bring a new life into the world and, as he put it, it was “refreshing.”

“It’s very refreshing to be involved in something like this instead of my usual homicides and dead bodies and delivering bad news to families who have lost their loved ones,” Cintron said Thursday as he stood outside the Margaret Morton Government Center. “It was exciting but very scary at the same time.”

About 9:30 Wednesday morning, Cintron came on a car stopped at the intersection of Stratford and Seaview avenues.

“I pulled up because I thought they had been involved in a car accident and I wanted to make sure everyone was OK,” he related. “The husband was saying that his wife was in labor and I looked into the car and sure enough I saw the mom was in the back seat, her legs were hanging out of the car and the baby was crowning.”

The husband and wife only spoke Spanish but fortunately Cintron is fluent in that language. He said the couple had been on their way to Bridgeport Hospital but had pulled over about a mile from the hospital because the baby wouldn’t wait.

Cintron said a female motorist had stopped to help and by chance she had a set of brand new blankets and towels in the car with her. Cintron said he placed blankets in the back seat of the pregnant woman’s car.

“The baby came right out,” he said. “It was a beautiful baby girl.”

Police said both the mother and her baby are doing fine.

Cintron aid he had gotten a little medical training in his 24 years as a police officer but this was the first time he had ever helped deliver a baby.

“I think I was more nervous than the father but the whole thing was over in just a few minutes and then the medics were there and they took over,” he said.

Cintron said it was also the first time he had seen a baby born because he had to be out of the hospital room when his two sons, now aged 13 and 27, were born.

“Both mom and dad did great, it was a very exciting moment in my career,” he said.

Asked if the couple were considering naming the child after him, Cintron smiled. “Jorgina? I hope not,” he added.

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