HARTFORD — In response to ongoing developments relating to the coronavirus pandemic, the Metropolitan District continues enact and update protocols to keep our employees and customers safe, which in turn will provide the ability to provide uninterrupted drinking water and wastewater services to more than 400,000 residents of the Hartford Region, said an email from the water company.

The MDC public parking capacity is finite and therefore visitors will be limited, based on available designated parking spaces at its recreational areas located at the West Hartford Reservoir on Farmington Avenue and Reservoir # 6 in Bloomfield. In order for MDC’s staff to be able to manage and support public safety needs while recreating, MDC must have unrestricted access to the Red Loop and treatment plant through the parking areas. A variable messaging sign is installed outside the West Hartford location stating that parking is limited, and that access will be closed when the lot is full.

The MDC is not currently limiting pedestrians or bikers at this point, unless we experience public safety concerns and our ability to respond to the public’s needs are compromised. As a reminder, Reservoir #6 in Bloomfield does not allow bicycles, only pedestrian access.

MDC is reminding customers to not flush disinfectant wipes (or any type of wipes), paper towels, facial tissue or materials other than toilet paper down your toilet as they are not designed to break down in the wastewater treatment process. Flushing these items can cause additional maintenance issues at MDC facilities and more importantly potentially clog your homes lateral and cause sewer backups in surrounding homes and neighborhood streets.

Check the MDC COVID-19 information page for further updates at www.themdc.org/news-events/covid-19-information.

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