WEST HARTFORD — Noah Webster Library, like many organizations, will conduct some of their programs online. The Library recently sent the following email about a contest they will run on its website. Write a poem about someone you love! Create a Japanese-style poem called a tanka (a tanka is a 31-syllable poem, traditionally written as a single, unbroken line). Tell us in a tanka about someone you love. Anyone you love a lot!

There are prizes involved. The first prize winner will win $100. The second prize winner will win $50.

And, the third prize winner will win $25.

All submitted poems will be judged by three well-known poets from the Connecticut area, including

Julie Choffel, West Hartford’s Poet Laureate. The poems will be judged on creativity, originality, and

the manner in which your loved one is highlighted.

For examples of Tanka poems and official rules, visit bit.ly/WHpoetry.

For more information email: poem@westhartfordlibrary.org or call the Information Desk at


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