The Town of West Hartford’s Assessment Office is reminding honorably discharged veterans and active duty military persons that they may be eligible for exemptions. Resident veterans who already filed with the town for their exemption, and are not disabled or do not meet the income requirements, do not need to file again. The filing period is February 1 through October 1 of each year.

Veterans and active duty military persons may be entitled to state additional exemptions if their income does not exceed $37,000 for a single person and $45,100 for a married couple. Such individuals may be entitled to the local additional exemptions, if their income does not exceed $62,000 for a single person and $70,100 for a married couple. Veterans must have served 90 consecutive days active duty during a war period and file an original or certified copy of their DD214 with the Assessment Office prior to October 1.

Due to COVID-19, resident veterans who meet the eligibility requirements may schedule an appointment with the Assessment Office to apply for the exemption. Residents can also mail in a copy of their 2019 federal income tax return as well as a copy of their 2019 1099 from Social Security. The application for these programs are located on the Assessment webpage at under “Tax Relief Programs.” Please direct all questions pertaining to this program to the Assessment Office at (860) 561-7414.

Disabled veterans must file their disability-rating letter from the Veteran’s Administration with the Assessment office. Once filed, no other filing is necessary unless a disability rating increases. At age 65, filing is no longer required as all 65-year old disabled veterans are entitled to the 100% disability rating reduction.

Disabled veterans who have motor vehicles specially equipped or adapted to accommodate their disability are eligible for a 50% assessment exemption on their vehicles. Annual filing is required for all specially equipped motor vehicles by November 1 of each year.

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