25 Madsen Road

Buyer/seller: Samuel P. Szeto to Kurt Seurattan and Natika Basdeo

Price: $216,000

43 Westphal Street

Buyer/seller: Maria S. and Judith Goldberger to Basim Abadir

Price: $107,000

6 Miamis Road

Buyer/seller: Michael W. and Eleana P. Lynch to Gary Druckenmiller and Jennifer Scharper

Price: $365,000

9 Brightwood Lane

Buyer/seller: Linda Reilly-Blue to Thomas A. Kokoska

Price: $264,000

140 Griswold Drive

Buyer/seller: Kevin M. and Erin M. Gentile to Christopher A. Bessette and Emily E. Garth

Price: $376,500

53 Walbridge Road

Buyer/seller: Gary W. and Jennifer S. Druckenmiller to Peter D. and Jennifer R. Jorgensen

Price: $655,000

18 E Normandy Drive

Buyer/seller: Alexia N. Gonis to GRKK LLC

Price: $271,000

63 Crocker Ave.

Buyer/seller: Garrett C. Fecteau to Melissa A. Ciruzzi

Price: $210,000

155 Edgemere Ave.

Buyer/seller: Sarah Mazzoni to Daniel A. Bastos

Price: $219,000

32 Forest Road

Buyer/seller: Steven L. and Charlotte Smith to Michael W. and Eleana P. Lynch

Price: $350,000

65 Henley Way, Unit 65

Buyer/seller: Herbert and Marilyn Eichler to Osit FT and Alan F. Osit

Price: $225,000

136 Kane Street, Unit D11

Buyer/seller: Michael A. and Sarah E. Mirabello to Malgorzata Sobota

Price: $105,000

140 Kane Street, Unit D3

Buyer/seller: Elaine Lima to Charles B. Maric

Price: $110,000

1231 New Britain Ave.

Buyer/seller: Igor Pruglo to Gabriel Caminero

Price: $325,000

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