WEST HARTFORD — Connecticut assessment law requires municipalities to conduct town-wide revaluations once every five years. West Hartford completed its last general revaluation in October of 2016. The project encompasses all residential and commercial real estate in town. West Hartford’s next revaluation is set for October 1, 2021.

During the month of May, the Department of Assessment will be mailing out data-mailers to 20,800 residential property owners. The data-mailer will contain information on the property that currently appears in the assessor’s records.

Residents are asked to review the data-mailer for accuracy. If data changes are warranted, please note them on the data-mailer. Once reviewed, even if no changes are necessary, please sign and return it in the enclosed self-addressed postage paid envelope that was provided

Having accurate data is an integral part to the revaluation project. The purpose of revaluation is to insure uniformity in real property valuations by eliminating inequities that may have developed since the previous revaluation.

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