WEST HARTFORD — Associate Professor of Biology Irene Guttilla Reed, Ph.D., from the University of Saint Joseph, was recently selected for a leadership position in the Biology Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research, which provides networking opportunities, activities, and resources to assist biology administrators, faculty members, students, practitioners, and others in advancing undergraduate research. Her term runs through June 30, 2022.

“Working with CUR provides me the opportunity to network with faculty and administrators across the country and work to address important issues, such as advocacy for undergraduate research, as well as best practices in supporting and growing research programs. Not only will this increase the visibility of USJ nationwide, but it will also allow us to improve our own research programs and provide students with high-quality experiences,” said Reed.

Her election as a Biology Division Councilor to CUR’s General Council reflects her approach to undergraduate research. A determined advocate for expanding student research opportunities, Reed has successfully strived to expand the research capacity at USJ, and continues to pursue her own research into the formation and metastasis of breast cancer, focusing particularly on why some cancers are more aggressive and seeking to determine if there are molecular clues that can provide early diagnostic data.

“CUR’s strength lies in the dedication and leadership of its members in advancing undergraduate research and serving in varied roles in the organization,” said CUR Executive Officer Elizabeth L. Ambos. “We look forward to Dr. Reed’s participation in the CUR Biology Division and in CUR overall.”

To learn more, visit www.usj.edu.

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