WEST HARTFORD — The travel pattern and parking configuration on four roads in West Hartford Center and Blue Back Square have been modified to accommodate expanded outdoor dining while indoor dining remains prohibited, said an email from the town.

A total of 71 parking spaces on LaSalle Road, Farmington Ave., Memorial Road and Isham Road will be converted to 11 on-street dining corrals this week. The expanded outdoor dining spaces will remain in place through October.

Crews, led by the Department of Public Works, placed 40 20-foot concrete barriers and 6-foot plastic water-filled barriers in position over a two-day period.

Restaurants that have approved outdoor dining plans may begin using the new spaces.

In an effort to increase safety and slow speeds while motorists drive by these corrals, a temporary one-way travel pattern will be created on a portion of LaSalle Road, from Arapahoe Road to Farmington Ave. (in a northerly direction), on Isham Road, from New Street to Memorial Road (in southerly direction) and a portion of Memorial Road, from Isham Road to Raymond Road (in an easterly direction).

Farmington Ave. will be reduced to one lane in each direction from LaSalle Road to South Main Street. The entrance driveway on LaSalle Road to the Public Parking Lot will also be temporarily closed to vehicular traffic and motorists will be directed to enter via Farmington Ave.

The temporary traffic patterns in West Hartford Center will allow some of the parallel parking spaces to angle parking which will add back 18 on-street parking spaces. In addition, the configuration of parking spaces on LaSalle Road will be changed to head-out angled parking. Head-out parking requires the motorist to back into the space, giving the driver a greater field of vision when leaving. This type of parking is used in 32 major cities and has proven to be safer, easier and more accommodating for unloading.

Public Works crews have blacked-out existing parking lines and restriped the new angled spaces.

The Town will continue to offer free, 15-to-30 minute free parking for curbside pick-up of take-out orders, and will be re-evaluated in advance of the next re-opening phase, expected June 20. On-street kiosks will continue to indicate 30-minute free parking.

Shoppers, diners, clients and employees are asked to use the municipal lots and parking garages when their stay is longer than 30 minutes.

Additional information on the new parking and driving plan in West Hartford Center and Blue Back Square can be found at www.westhartfordct.gov.

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