WEST HARTFORD — In the lead up to the election, Democratic Town Committee chair John Bailey said he wants to remind voters of the work his party has been doing lately.

“Our Democratic council members are the ones that have been keeping our town moving forward and actually flourishing during a time of crisis and during a pandemic,” Bailey said. “The leadership has done an incredible job of keeping West Hartford to be one of the best towns...to raise a family and go to school in.”

The party is putting up a slate of six candidates for town council and four candidates for the board of education.

“We just have a really well-rounded balanced ticket that truly represents the diversity of West Hartford,” Bailey said.

Among those candidates, Bailey said, is their newest town council candidate, Adrienne Billings-Smith.

“She’s just amazing,” Bailey said. “She’s been a leader in the community and has been at the forefront of moving and ensuring West Hartford addresses the issues of equity and social justice and making sure that all portions of our West Hartford town have a voice.”

Bailey also points to the experience their candidates have, namely Mayor Shari Cantor and Deputy Mayor Leon Davidoff.

“They are just true leaders,” Bailey said. “Shari just knows how to be a mayor. She’s been doing it for a very long time and keeping the town working closely with our city manager to keep it continuing to flourish.”

Their town council slate is rounded out by incumbents Carol Blanks, Liam Sweeney and Ben Wenograd.

“It’s just a really well-balanced ticket,” Bailey said. “Seeing all of them out hitting the doors and canvassing and talking to voters, they all work together and they all are so passionate about being public servants. They’re not in it for themselves. They really truly believe in making West Hartford the best place to raise a family.”

On the board of education side of things, Bailey said he’s impressed by the work the incumbent candidates have done during the pandemic, including the board’s chair, Deb Polun.

“Our board of education slate is incredible,” Bailey said. “Deb Polun has been leading the board of ed through one of the craziest school years that this town has ever seen.”

The slate also includes incumbents Jason Chang, Lorna Thomas-Farquharson and newcomer Clare Taylor Neseralla.

“The Democratic track record almost speaks for itself,” Bailey said. “The council...has done an incredible job to effectively address the COVID emergency response. We continue to have top rated schools. The list goes on. The Democratic council has a true track record to run on.”

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