WEST HARTFORD — In the wake of recent gun-related tragedies across the United States, West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor announces that at the August 13 meeting of the West Hartford Town Council she has introduced a resolution calling on Congress to adopt comprehensive federal gun reform and fund research into gun violence prevention.

“Since Sandy Hook, Connecticut has some of the strongest gun laws in the country,” Mayor Cantor said. “But because gun violence is easily exported from other jurisdictions with weaker gun laws, local government can only do so much. Congress has a moral responsibility to take steps to stop the epidemic of gun violence in this country. States and towns cannot do this alone.”

Mayor Cantor added that in response to the recent shootings, she has asked West Hartford Town Manager Matt Hart and public safety officials to review the town’s response and prevention plans for mass-casualty shootings.

Mayor Cantor said she plans to reach out to the state’s Congressional delegation to discuss the proposed reforms, which are reflective of Connecticut’s gun laws. The proposals include universal background checks, a federal ban on high-capacity assault weapons, a federal “red flag” law allowing police to confiscate firearms from people who are deemed to be a danger to themselves or to others, a federal registry for dangerous weapon offenders, and federal funding for gun violence prevention research.

Mayor Cantor has also signed on to a letter with more than 200 other mayors from around the country to urge the U.S. Senate to immediately act on gun safety legislation. She said she hopes other municipalities will adopt similar resolutions.

“The reforms we’re asking for are common sense solutions,” Mayor Cantor said. “West Hartford residents and the majority of Americans are sick and tired of inaction on federal gun reform, a critical issue of health and well-being to our nation.”

Connecticut Media Group