WEST HARTFORD — Police released video of an attempted car burglary that they obtained through their video sharing program.

Police said the attempted burglary happened on Berkshire Road. The video was recorded using a Ring device.

The description of the video said it occurred near Conard High School and the individual attempted to break into their cars while the residents of the home were still awake.

Police said the video “clearly shows a suspect trying the door handles of multiple cars parked in a driveway and he appears to be holding a black handgun.”

None of the cars in the driveway were broken into and there was no damage or injuries, police said. Police said the suspect is a man who was wearing a blue Champion brand hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. Police said the individual left the driveway and then entered the driver’s seat of a black SUV and left the scene before officers arrived.

Police were called an hour later to Vardon Road, which is off Asylum Avenue, for the report of a stolen car. Police said they discovered it was the same suspect attempting to burglarize four cars parked in a driveway. The car that was stolen was unlocked and had its keys inside, police said. A handgun was also seen in that video, police said.

West Hartford police said residents should continue to lock their car doors and not leave their keys or any valuables inside the car. Police also ask that residents call them when witnessing a crime in progress and to not intervene themselves.

Residents can also register online to be part of the department’s video sharing program.

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