WEST HARTFORD — The Young Israel of West Hartford is celebrating its Golden Anniversary this year.

Founded in the late 1960s, the Young Israel of West Hartford is a warm and caring community focused on strengthening Jewish life and commitment not only within its own walls but across the Greater Hartford Jewish Community and beyond.

“It is remarkable to see how over the past 5 decades our Young Israel has become an epicenter for Jewish life and Torah values” shared Rabbi Tuvia Brander, the current spiritual leader of the Young Israel of West Hartford. “I think the secret is the incredible community that makes up our beloved synagogue — dedicated men and women, young and old, powered by a shared commitment to our heritage and sacred tradition, committed to growing spiritual and devoted to improving the world around them”.

Whether in moments of joy or in times of turbulence, the Young Israel of West Hartford uniquely connects people across generations and across differences, embracing the individuality of each member of our Young Israel family with love and mutual respect.

With an almost 100 percent growth in membership in just the last few years, the Young Israel of West Hartford continues to grow and thrive as the fastest growing shul in all of Connecticut!

“Anchored by the dynamic leadership of our rabbi, our Young Israel has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years becoming a destination for families from across the country!” said long time resident, Sid Ulreich. “At the same time, the community has become an anchor of the Greater Hartford Jewish community. We are seeing this milestone celebrated not just by our members but by individuals from across the region — truly a tribute to the community minded perspective Rabbi Brander and the Young Israel leadership have inculcated within our shul”

In recent years, in addition to supporting the work of the local schools, Federation, Foundation and social and religious service agencies, the Young Israel has spearheaded a number of communal initiatives — pioneering the Ohr Torah Stone Amiel BaKehila program and incubating the annual Tekes Maavar Transition Ceremony on Israeli Memorial and Independence Days.

Building on its storied legacy, the synagogue now looks to the future, not only to continue attracting and welcoming more families, but with plans to expand its physical space as well. It truly is the dawn of an incredible next 50 years.

The 50th Anniversary Celebration which was to have taken place on March 22, will be rescheduled.

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