Learning with LIFE Tutoring is as easy as A, B, C and 1, 2, 3!

That’s because Megan Marino and Julie Oberholtzer- who combined have 18 years of teaching experience in the public school system- make learning fun for kids of all ages with their West Hartford-based tutoring business.

Whether your child is struggling or not, especially with distance learning becoming the new normal, these two educators and friends have what it takes to ensure your child’s success.

“Tutoring is important because every child deserves to learn and feel successful and confident,” said Marino, a special education teacher in Newington. “Our philosophy is well stated in our name, LIFE (Learning Is For EVERYONE). We strive to help all kids, whether they struggle or not, to find ways to best meet their learning styles and make learning fun.”

Since COVID-19 abruptly forced the shutdown of schools across Connecticut in March, students have been learning reading, writing and arithmetic from home. Balancing homework and home life under the same roof can prove challenging for some students. And that’s where Marino and Oberholtzer can help, with both in-person and virtual tutoring.

“With the pandemic, tutoring is even more important because while teachers are working extremely hard to bring the best instruction to their students, they sometimes need more,” Marino said. “Some kids have thrived with virtual learning and we have found fun, creative ways to teach them online. Others really need that in-person instruction and we are lucky to have a space that allows us to do that safely.”

The bright and colorful space that serves as LIFE Tutoring’s home base is located at 45 S. Main St., West Hartford. Its walls are filled with inspirational murals and quotes, like “Don’t Wait for the Sun to Shine…Make It,” and “We Rise by Lifting Others.” There are five tutoring rooms allowing for small instruction. The space is thoroughly sanitized after each tutoring session, and there are one-way entrances and exits to ensure extra safety. 

Parents and students are invited to take a tour, and receive a free consultation to see if LIFE Tutoring is the right fit. Numerous testimonials from happy parents and kids can be viewed online at  https://www.lifetutoringllc.com/

Marino and Oberholtzer opened LIFE Tutoring in 2017 out of their passion to make a positive impact “beyond the traditional classroom.” Their experience as certified teachers enables them to apply current research strategies, combined with open and engaging teaching styles to create “an emotionally safe and academically stimulating environment for learning.”

The tutors collaborate with parents/guardians, students and their teachers to ensure a tailor-made experience. By getting to know the students’ interests, they create unique activities designed to make learning more engaging. For example, one of their students is “obsessed” with Star Wars, Marino noted, so lessons are built around all things Skywalker.    

“We can really help families during this difficult time of virtual and hybrid leaning; we can support distance learning plans; we can help students feel confident and get the academic skills they need,” Marino said.

Oberholtzer, who teaches special education in Farmington, has seen a huge uptick in business during the pandemic from parents worried about distance learning.

“Tutoring really helps relieve stress for the family and child,” she said.

To schedule a free consultation, or for more information about LIFE Tutoring visit their website at https://www.lifetutoringllc.com/, give them a call at 914-320-5395 or contact them by email at  lifetutoringllc@gmail.com.