We provide routine, medical, and surgical eye care for adults and children. This includes glasses, contacts, cataract surgery, glaucoma, retina, and lid diseases. Same day emergency patients and new patients welcome. Additionally, hearing services are available. 

What long-term changes do you see in your business offerings?  

We will see a greater emphasis on safe and timely service for our patients and the use of telemedicine. We will try to help people more on the phone and educate them online. Secure photos of the eye will help with triaging our patients. 

Despite business being greatly impacted, is there anything you are proud of these last few months? 

Yes, we are proud that we have kept all our staff employed in the office seeing urgent and emergent patients and participating in online professional training at home. We are proud of the enormous number of safety protocols we have in place for our patients and staff. 

What additional steps are you taking to keep employees and customers safe?  

Our office can use virtual health visits or in-office visits if an exam or cataract surgery is needed.  Safety protocols are followed in the office with a health and temperature screening; plexiglass set up as well as markers on the floor for social distancing. Employees and patients wear masks; each room is thoroughly cleaned, and each has an air purifier.

What do you consider to be your key differentiator in the marketplace post COVID-19?  

As the premier eye center in central CT, online and phone registration is now encouraged. On the day of the appointment, patients call the office from the parking lot to announce their arrival. Patients, staff and doctors must wear masks and all surgical patients must have a negative COVID-19 test within five days of their surgery.