To the Editor,

We need hearings on U.S. policy in Central America and other parts of Latin America that have led to the immigration crisis we have today.

We should look at IMF and World Bank polices that have favored large multinational companies at the expense of the small farmer. The Central American and North American Free Trade Agreements continued this trend. Thus the small farmers of Central America have been forced off their land by policies U.S. Big Business interests have promoted.

We need to better understand the role of criminal gangs and narco trafficking and what the U.S. role in this has been in regard to this problem.

We should all be aware that climate change is also a factor in this immigration crisis. This factor has been totally ignored by the our mainstream media. The hearing process needs to look at this as well.

I believe hearings on these issues may be able to put the immigration crises in a proper context and help take it out of the hands of those who would use vulnerable immigrants as scapegoats for problems in our nation, often created by powerful Wall Street interests.

Joe Wasserman,

West Hartford

Connecticut Media Group