To the Editor:

When they are not fighting fires, firefighters continue to support the community by providing fit testing of respirator devices for local healthcare workers. Dr. Natalia Menjivar and her partner Dr. Donald Drew of West Hartford Orthodontics teamed up with their colleagues at CT Pediatric Dentistry for a joint session with Captain Jarrad Smith, a Training Officer of the West Hartford Fire Department.

“He was so generous to provide his time and expertise with everyone in our office to help ensure that dental assistants, hygienists and doctors had masks that passed the fit test.” Captain Smith was part of a group of officers that received training in administering the fit test for respirator masks, a new requirement by OSHA and the American Dental Association since the coronavirus outbreak began.

West Hartford Orthodontics and CT Pediatric Dentistry wish to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the West Hartford Fire Department for their assistance with this important endeavor.

Natalia Menjivar,

West Hartford

Connecticut Media Group