Dear Emanuel Family,

We are saddened to report that last evening's (Oct. 12) minyan was interrupted by two Zoom Bombers, displaying pornographic video and Nazi imagery and shouting anti-Semitic comments.

Emanuel President Mel Simon contacted the West Hartford Police, who took his statement and also took a statement from Ken Simon. David Waren, president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, offered his support. The incident was also reported to the Anti-Defamation League.

We are consistently evaluating our security for our Synagogue and Zoom services, website and communications and will be looking at this incident very closely to determine how such incidents can be prevented. In the meantime, please continue to participate in our daily Zoom services, and let's stand together during these unpleasant times. Our Zoom and streaming services have offered connection, comfort and support to hundreds of worshippers and mourners during the last seven months. Undeterred by the face of hate throughout the ages, we choose anew to be inspired by the story of Esther rather than kneel to intimidation.

The Emanuel Synagogue remains resolute in offering our members a safe, welcoming and sacred place to celebrate our Jewish tradition. We appreciate your continuous support. As with all of life's challenges and the celebrations too, we at The Emanuel will go through this together, from strength to strength!

Mel Simon, president of The Emanuel Synagogue,

Rabbi David J. Small,

Kobi Benita, executive director

Editor’s note: West Hartford Police are investigating this incident. If you have information as to who is responsible for these hate crimes, please contact the West Hartford Police Department at (860) 523-5203 .

Connecticut Media Group