Go fur free

To the editor:

The fur industry is cruel and unnecessary. Readers should contact their state legislators and urge them to support a ban on fur manufacturing and sales in Connecticut — similar to the one recently passed in California. For more information about the campaign, follow 'Fur Free CT' on Facebook or Twitter.

Jon Hochschartner


Are we aware of the impact of our sanctions?

To the Editor:

The people of the United States have not been given a clear picture of the impact of our sanction policies against nations that fail to follow the tune of our ruling elite. These inhumane sanctions result in denial of basic necessities often resulting in famine, economic dislocation and disease , with greatest impact upon the poor and vulnerable.

A study produced by Mark Weibrot and Jeffery Sachs, entitled Economic Sanctions as Collective Punishment, points to thousands of deaths in Venezuela due to sanctions resulting in the lack of medical equipment and food. The US mainstream media than depicts this suffering as a failure of the regime it is targeting , rather than as a result, in great part , of US sanctions( as in the case of Venezuela). The policies of regime change and US interference in the sovereign affairs of the demonized nation is thus justified.

Please go to the website of sanctionskill.org to find out more about the international days of action against sanctions and economic war. Help make the public and our congressional delegation be aware of the suffering our sanction policy is creating.

Joseph Wasserman

West Hartford

Ban polystyrene

To the Editor:

As we are starting to experience and enjoy the warm weather, summer activities are on everyone’s minds. However, as I have started to spend more time outside, I am noticing more and more plastic pollution plaguing my favorite parks and beaches. Sadly, I know that this familiar sight of plastic cups and containers is constantly overlooked as corporations continue to produce such long-lasting pollution with little to no actions being taken to combat them. Even more dangerous is the plastic pollution that we do not see: polystyrene foam. More commonly known as styrofoam, this substance breaks up easily into tiny particles and sticks around for good, threatening wildlife for hundreds of years.

As someone who values the outdoors and wildlife I want to see steps taken to protect these places that are so badly affected. Luckily, there is an opportunity to take these steps through the bill SB 99 which would ban the use of polystyrene products in the state of Connecticut. I am confident in the support from the people of Connecticut to spread the word and show support in order to pass SB 99 and move towards saving our natural environments that we so greatly appreciate.

Emma Young


A Letter to our Playhouse Community

Dear Playhouse on Park Community,

As you are aware the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting arts and entertainment organizations in Hartford and around the country. This is causing a direct hardship for our staff and performers. We are writing to you today from our eerily silent box office where the phones have stopped ringing and patrons have stopped coming in. As an arts non-profit, we do not have an abundance of resources to weather this sort of occurence. Your support now will ensure that we survive this current crisis. We are committed to continuing to produce and present our high quality work as soon as we can.

Fortunately we do not have a show open right now. At this time, we have not postponed or cancelled any future performances. We are reevaluating this decision each day. For up-to-date information, please click here. If any performances are postponed, your tickets will automatically be moved to the new date. We will be flexible with our exchange policy. If any performances are cancelled we urge you to consider donating the funds to the theatre or exchanging for a different performance. This is the kind of thing that can kill an arts organization. Thousand of theatre professional jobs are at stake and we are asking for your compassion.

Please consider ordering your tickets now for performances happening late spring/summer: “The Amazing Adventures of Dr Wonderful and Her Dog” and/or “It Shoulda Been You.”

Please consider registering now for summer programs at Playhouse Theatre Academy.

*All education classes follow The Hartford Public School closings therefore there will be no classes for the next two weeks.

We can't thank you enough for your continued support of our theatre. We hope to see you here soon.

The staff at Playhouse on Park

Connecticut Media Group