To the Editor:

We are former West Hartford residents driving home Thursday afternoon. We sat for approx. 30 minutes while a police cruiser blocked traffic in both directions to let an unending stream of protesters’ cars exit the lot at the NE corner of Asylum Ave. and Troutbrook Drive.

We support the protesting teachers and gave them thumbs up. But we were miffed. There were ready options available to the police.

Why was traffic not diverted at the Troutbrook/Asylum and Troutbrook/Albany lights?

Troutbrook is two lanes each way at the protesters’ exit point. Why was only a single line allowed to exit onto two lanes?

Alternatively, why was the southbound right lane not allowed to proceed? Since all drivers were directed to turn left, three cones would have sufficed to show them only the left lane was open to them.

A little thought goes a long way. Exasperated drivers turned around, nearly causing accidents with drivers streaming out of the lot. West Hartford is lucky to have only angry drivers left in the wake of this event.

Harald Sandstrom,


To the editor:

The Green New Deal, climate and economic justice legislation popularized by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, should include funding for cultured-meat research. This new form of protein is grown from cells, without slaughtering animals. It has the potential to end our reliance on one of the most significant contributors to global warming. I’m talking about traditional animal agriculture.

Cultured meat isn’t science fiction. Many companies are developing such products for market. For instance, Mission Barns will hold a public taste-testing for its cultivated bacon this month. However cost is still an issue. Further development is needed to make this technology economically competitive with slaughtered meat. Progressives should include funding for this purpose in the Green New Deal.

Jon Hochschartner,


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